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NORMAN PARISH: Washington Art Dealer Extraordinaire

Norman Parish,Director/Owner
Parish Gallery Washington, DC
22nd Anniversary

Norman Parish of Parish Gallery

For the past 22 years Norman Parish has made an irrefutable contribution to the contemporary American art-loving community. His chosen focus, contemporary African American and African art in diaspora, has provided an opportunity for serious collectors and art lovers alike, to gain awareness and appreciation of living masters in our midst as well as emerging talent that might have been otherwise neglected by mainstream audiences.

Two great American cities helped form Norman Parish’s mission, New Orleans, city of his birth, and Chicago. New Orleans is a true melting pot of ethnicities, races, music, individuality, and Southern rituals and traditions unique to Louisiana. It also has a brand of whimsy and magic all its own.

Chicago, carved into the heartland of America's mid-west, is a great urban center and cultural showcase of architecture, music, art, and commerce. The city is a crucible of unfolding dreams and potentials, as well as notable for its dynamism and diversity. Chicago was where Parish grew up, eventually received a degree in painting at The Art Institute of Chicago and where he raised his family.

His personal journey finally brought him East. After moving to the Washington DC area in 1990, he found his way to a gallery space in a charming courtyard in Georgetown's Canal Square on the historic C&O Canal. Since 1991 he has lovingly and tirelessly tended and presented art, while encouraging young talent. In June, 2013, Parish Gallery will celebrate its 22nd anniversary.

His exhibitions have been focused primarily on paintings, works on paper and sculpture by African American and African art and artists in diaspora. The scope of his exhibitions has included artists of international reputation such as Lois Mailou Jones and Henry Ossawa Tanner to complete unknowns. An accomplished painter himself, Parish has also shown some of his free-flowing, figurative work, which is heavily influenced by the sites and sounds of his native New Orleans.

His devoted assistant and support in the gallery, since opening in 1991,has been his wife Gwen. Her friendly, welcoming presence has always been part of the gallery's charm.

The love of music, art and people are the hallmarks of Norman Parish's life. On any given day one will hear Mr. Parish playing recordings of jazz giants like John Coltrane, Johnny Hartman and Dexter Gordon in the gallery, providing a friendly, relaxed atmosphere as he showcases American art for any visitor fortunate enough to be visiting.

Alla Rogers

Benny Andrews at Parish Gallery Lois Mailou Jones at Parish Gallery
Benny Andrews   Lois Mailou Jones

Over the years Parish Gallery has exhibited the works of over 140 artists and the list includes:

Adenaike, Tayo
Alexiev, Nikolai
Aniaku, Bethel
Archie, Mason
Bashir, Sani
Bay, Alex
Bellamy, Gary
Berry, Lewellyn
Boothman, David
Brandywine Workshop
Byrd, Elizabeth
Caribbean Group Show
Cooper, Cecil
Kayiga, Kofi
McFarlane, Bryan
Carreno, Antonio
Catal, Erol
Chambers, Michael
Chandler, Robin
Clark, Edward
Cole, Patience Nelson
Coleman, Floyd
Conn, Cathy Marolt
Cooper, Lucilda Dassardo
Crider, Sheila

Hawkins, Dorothy
Henneberry, Kathryn
Honeycutt, Bryce
Horrom, Marilyn
Howard, Morris
Hunt, George
Iovino, Angela
Jarrell, Jennifer
Jarrell, Wadsworth
Johnson, Cynthia Farrell
Johnson, Lester
Jones, Christina Osada
Jones, Lois Mailou
Jones, Richmond
Kachmar, Hamid
Kara, Devabil
Kent, Joanne
Knox, Simmie
Kosrof, Wosene
Kouakou, Ephrem
Kraft, Yvette
Lesser, Harriet
Lewis, Peter Wayne
Lewis, Roy
Lewis, Samella

Ogburn, Oggi
Pace, Lorenzo
Pajaud, William
Parish, Norman
Partnoy, Raquel
Phillips, James
Piechocinski, Michael
Pierson, Myrtle
Pinheiro, Adáo
Platt, Michael
Plotkin-Mates, Wendy
Poindexter, Wendell
Porter, James A.
Pratt, Maggie
Richie-Miller, Sandi
Roberts, Floyd
Santiago, Nelson
Schenck, Sidney
Schwartzberg, Deanna
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, John
Scott, Joyce
Simmons, Danny
Singer, Suzanne
Skolnik, Judith

Norman Parish at Parish Gallery Evan Clark at Parish Gallery
Norman Parish   Edward Clark

Daniels, Mary Reed
Davis, Darnella
Davidson, Ernest
Davis, Tim
Dear, Lilya
Delsarte, Louis
Donaldson, Jeff
Downs, Alex
Duke Ellington-100 Photos
Eddy, David
Ekpuk, Victor
Elliott, Helen
Farris, Phoebe
Ferrand, Henry
Flemmings, Ron
Ford, Ausbra
Foster, Liani
Freimark, Bob
Fulton-Ross, Gale
Gebremedhin, Alemayehou
Gentry, Herbert
Geraci, Sharon
Glover, Fiagziase
Glover, Jenne
Green, Pamela
Gullatt, Estella
Hasson, Mansoora

Little, Harlee
Mahlangu, Esther
Martin, Percy
Matsumiya, Kiyokotsu
Mayer, Karen
Mayhew, Richard
Maza, Elena
M'Bourou, Georges
McNeil, Bruce
McNeil, Lloyd
Meleney, Bodil
Mevs, Ronald
Miagkov, Vitali
Molev, Alexander
Molitar, Martial
Montgomery, EJ
Morassi, Roberto
Morrison, Keith
Mosley-Tyson, Barbara
Mozaffari, Nurieh
Muhammad, Askia
Murchison, Betty
N'Doye, Assane
Neita, Carl
Nelson, Curtis

Smith, Frank
Smith, William H.
Snowden, Sylvia
St Martin - Group Show:
Stedham, Kathryn
Stovall, Di
Stradford, Leslee
Stuelpnagel, Daniel
Suib, Richard
Taylor, Stephanie Parrish
Tessema, Tesefaye
Terciliano, Jr.
Thorpe, Kimberly
Toliver, William
Underwood, Patricia
Van Hellsland, Dikki
Varnell, Kathleen
Van Esso, Miguel
Watson, Yvette
Wigan, Willard
Williams, Jose
Williams, Todd
Willis, Deb
Wold, Elizabeth
Woodson, Shirley
Young, Kenneth
Zakas, Catherine

Richard Meyhew at Parish Gallery Antonio Carreno at Parish Gallery
Richard Meyhew   Antonio Carreno

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